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Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial Window Tinting is an appropriate application for many types of window films. Some reasons to apply commercial window tinting could be for heat rejection, privacy, protection or to protect your furniture and interior of your building from fading. Solar window film rejects up to 98% of ultraviolet rays. It also reduces heat loss, thus keeping the inside warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In addition, it saves energy and money. Solar window film gives you any amount of privacy you might need, from a very light film that you barely notice to a very dark film that you can hardly see through, or a frosted film that only light can come through and it gives you total privacy.

Films are perfect for businesses, schools, day cares, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, airports and in general for crowded places. Give you car, home or office a custom look and added protection with the many fine window tinting products available today!

We also feature a complete line of Residential Window Tinting and Safety and Security Window Film for home and office needs.


Independent testing performed by engineers at the Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory located in Port Hueneme, Ca., prove that even a relatively minor earthquake can cause widespread glass breakage. Under such circumstances, even glass propelled only a few feet can be deadly. Our , 4,7 and 12 mil. Clear or Tinted  Safety Film helps to hold the glass together with a super strength adhesive system, thus minimizing damage and reducing the chance of injury.


Studies show that 64% of burglaries occur as a result of an intruder smashing through the exterior glass to gain entry. Xwindow film tinting treatments on the front glass of a store, office, or home creates an invisible barrier that can deter entry and assisit in protection against "smash and grab" burglaries.


Instead of replacing expensive plate glass doors windows or mirrors that have been "tagged" by vandels, save money  and protect your building's appearance with Xwindow Tinting's inexpensive, non-detectable anti-graffiti films.

The layers of polyester film, bonded by a special adhesive, can be removed easily and replaced without damage to the surface underneath.

Reflective Tint
Non Reflective Tint
Frost Tint