We specialize in Toronto car window detailing in addition to car shampoo & Wax. Our experienced staff specializes in repair and replacement of auto glass & windshield in addition to stone chip repair. We work with all insurance company. We guarantee our work for windshield and auto glass. If you are searching for car detailing and auto glass repair in the Toronto or surrounding Vaughan, Concord, Etobicoke or Richmond Hill, we would enjoy assisting you. If you are in need of Auto Glass in Maple, Woodbridge, Thornhill, Markham or surrounding areas of Ontario, Canada, we can help.

Safety & Security

As a Toronto, Ontario Window Tinting Company, we distribute Sunshield solar control Window Film for Auto Window Tinting, Residential Window Tinting, Commercial Window Tinting, safety & security, reflective and non-reflective, metallic and many more varieties of window tinting.  We also feature a wide variety of colors and darkness’s, including charcoal, gold, smoke, gray, bronze, silver, blue, frost, silver frost, two-tone, etc.

As an experienced Window Tinting Company located in Canada and servicing companies and individuals worldwide, including Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Etobicoke and surrounding Ontario locations, we specialize in window tinting products, window tinting training, auto detailing, rust proofing and much more.
Choosing the right film for Auto, Commercial and Safety doesn’t have to be confusing.  We always provide information about the film which is the best fit for you. Please don’t hesitate to email us, phone or fax with any questions. Our expert staff will be glad to help you.

Safety & Security films are very important part of window tinting and what they can do might be new for a lot of people. Safety & Security films are designed to protect you from burglars and they can make your windows virtually bullet proof. We specialize in Safety & Security film installation as well as commercial and residential tinting. Film reduces injury from flying glass caused by vandalism, earthquakes, accidents, terrorist activity, bomb blasts, hurricanes, etc., because the film keeps the broken glass together. It protects people from glass related injury.

Safety & security film is for auto (cars, trucks, boats, etc.) or flat glass (houses, office buildings, hospitals, schools, restaurants, shopping malls, library, banks, subways, hotels, commercial buildings, etc.)

Safety Film

Safety & Security film increases the strength of the glass, thus reducing initial breakage. It also holds together broken glass fragments if the glass is broken through building movement such as in an earth quake, or is hit by a hurricane, bomb blast, vandalism or impact.

Safety Film provides safety to people from fragments of glass. The risk of injury is reduced, thus providing an effective method for increasing the safety of people.